Thursday, June 11, 2009

Under Armour 11

<Alan Partridge>And another!</Alan Partridge>

This tasty site promoting Under Armour's new soccer boots has just gone live today. This is the most fun project I've been involved with so far in my glittering career.

I spent a couple of weeks working with the Perfect Fools in Amsterdam, hanging around at the Amsterdamsche Football Club, meeting and interviewing the players, eating cheese toasties and fending off rude comments from the French dudes about my (tatty) ski-jacket...

And then I sat in front of my keyboard and wrote a load of stuff about football boots, the players themselves, and translated some French (and some Scottish) for video subtitles... et voilĂ !

The centrepiece of the experience for me is the tidy, full-screen videos. Here's one now (obviously not at full-screen res though innit):

As usual with a Perfect Fools production, there are some lovely details. The Keepy-up game during the preloader is sweet, the Flash mini-games they use to illustrate the boots' features are cute, and they get the simple syndication thing right too - embedding the above video was 3-clicks easy.

<Alan Partridge>Eat my goal!</Alan Partridge>

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