Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back in the jug agane

Goddamn, I got a job! 

This time last week I had little on the horizon and was beginning to run out of strings to pull in my extended network of lovely people (hello everyone!)... so on Thursday I sent a blunt email out to my fellow freelancers, which pretty much went "Er, got any jobs?"...

And before I knew what was happening I was catching a 7 a.m. flight to London yesterday to meet, get briefed in, and start working. Here I am, raring to go at 5 a.m. in Amsterdam:

Today I spent the day in Amsterdam beavering away on banner, email and site copy for a sweet little campaign.

It's probably pretty unprofessional to go into detail until the project is actually live, so suffice to say I'm working at "an agency" for "a client". Can you handle the non-specific sense of excitement this news generates? 

Oblique hedging aside, I'm enjoying myself: moreso now I'm back in Amsterdam after Monday's baptism of fire in the London HQ. Debs, meanwhile, is busy being a housewife, resisting the temptation to crack open a bottle of Alsace at midday, 2 p.m., "Put 3, that sounds better," (she says). 

I was going to end with a flippant "Life is tough" but being honest for a moment, the reality is that working full days for the first time in 14 months is tiring. Life is tough!

...but rewarding :-)

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