Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I get excited by mundane electrical products

I am lame, it's official. One of my favourite moments of last month was getting a new power cable for the laptop. Yes really. It's one with a european plug on the end, you see, so now I have one english one and one european. Brilliant! And it only cost €7.50. Wonderful, wonderful cable love.

Today, I sucked up another dose of technological excitement when I set up our new modem and turned on VOIP calls. It was ridiculously easy, and whole setup is a lot neater than my previous modem / wireless router combo. It may also use less power, cos there's only 1 box instead of 2, but I have no way of measuring that.

We stayed with XS4ALL, who aren't the cheapest, but have by far the best rep and customer service of the many providers I have encountered over the last month.

Don't bother trying to negotiate with their sales reps about the terms on which they'll lend you a VOIPable modem though. They refused to budge so we had to commit to extending our contract for 12 months in order for them to lend us a FRITZ!Box - this despite our having been loyal customers for 7+ years. 

Quite annoying... but the FRITZ!Box is a nice bit of kit, especially its interface which lets you monitor and control all sorts of good stuff. There's even a Night Service setting for auto power down overnight and power up in the morning. This is particularly good cos I'd lost the ability to get to my previous wireless router's interface after a houseguest did a bit of creative recabling.

I'll let you know exactly how great it all is after I try to connect my AirPort Express to it tomorrow. It was a total nightmare last time, and I'm not expecting anything different this time, TBH. 

Actually, I won't let you know, it's incredibly boring.

Anyway - Mum, you can finally call me on a real phone again. Rejoice! 

What utterly dull electrical equipment will thrill me next month? Please, let it be a tremelo pedal... (birthday hint: I like this one, and this one, hem hem).

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