Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fixing my guitar

Horror and dismay! My lovely, lovely guitar went all weird at the end of last weekend's practice session with the soon-to be-most-incredible band in Amsterdam. I was all set to hand it over to a guitar tech to fix when the internets came to my rescue.

300 guitars told me how to clean a guitar or amplifier jack, and then showed me too in this neat little video:

And then a ferret showed me how to clean my pots using a special spray. It worked like magic on my guitar, so I took the back off my amp and did the same thing on all the pots in there too, and bingo! That annoying fluttering noise I used to get every time I twiddled its knobs has vanished. 

Total outlay: €11, plus I learned stuff. 

I am currently winning the game.

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