Friday, January 9, 2009

Lost and found

Where is my watch? I thought to myself as I arrived at work yesterday.

And then again this morning. Where is my watch?

I looked downstairs. 

I looked upstairs. 

No watch.

I'm not allowed to lose this watch, Debs gave it to me for Xmas and I love it. 

But I always take my watch off to cook or type or whatever, for wrist comfort / muck avoidance.

Where did I leave my watch?

Friday. I dress down a little. No jumper, hooded sweatshirt instead. Arriving at work, I put my hands in my hoodie pocket - and there it was! My watch! 




islandg*rl said...

What a lovely littel story, Ben! We should turn it into a book! I volunteer to draw up the cute pictures :D

Ben Blench said...

Great idea! It's a deal :-)