Friday, December 12, 2008

Via media

I'm chomping my way through these two books at the moment, one eye each...

Luke Sullivan's "Hey Whipple, Squeeze This", and Tom Hodgkinson's "How to be Free".

The first one tells me that advertising is a rich and wonderful source of creativity and ideas, which drives the engine of commerce and capitalism, making us all more comfortable and happier.

The second refutes all that, tells me that all is vanity, and I'd be much happier slacking off, and spending the rest of my life smoking a pipe and brewing my own beer in rural Dorset. 

Having just spent a work-free year exploring the world, I fully understand the appeal of spending time rather than money, and finding pleasure in the mundane.

But right now I rather like having money, primarily to buy yet more effects pedals. I also have a mortgage to pay. 

Therefore I will forge a clever path somewhere between the two, developing myself as a writer, flexing my creative muscle, and spending my time off in enriching pursuits, like taking a walk around Marken with friends, and baking my first batch of bread in almost a decade.

Note to self, stop watching so much TV.

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