Friday, November 7, 2008

Mine / not mine / maybe mine

Hooray, another award I sort-of-but-not-really won for that same site I've already not-quite-won an award for (see also "Did I win this award?"). 

This time it's the 2008 W3 Awards, as adjudged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts. The Canon EOS 400D site as made by won Silver for creative excellence on the web. 

Opinion among my friends and colleagues is divided between "No way would I claim that!" to "Who cares? If you worked on it in any capacity, it's yours."

Me, I'll just talk about it in an amusing / awkward way and stick the logo on my blog. 

That'll do nicely, as Alan Whicker used to say. 

And I definitely didn't write that line, by the way ;-)

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