Thursday, October 30, 2008

One of these words is mine

Nice to see this pop up on the intratubes - I had a small hand in the new JFK/climate change video for Greenpeace:

What exactly did I do? Well the idea was already there, and the script had been written by a professional speechwriter, but it needed a little tweak, which is where I came in. 

I chopped a couple of lines near the beginning, added "as this new millennium dawns", and went for "climate change threatens our very existence" in preference to some stuff about climate change pounding our fragile Earth. Nip and tuck stuff, and it has changed a bit between then and the version which actually made it to production, but still, I've got a little bit of proud in my hip pocket right now.

This feels something like The Long Tail of achievement. Small parts, loosely joined, everybody does their bit, but there's no one overall owner/creator who can claim absolute credit for it. (See also "Did I win this award?")

Er... except the agency (AKQA), to whom all rights of authorship and ownership are signed away.

Coming soon: something I did that I can take 100% credit for! 

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