Friday, August 29, 2008

Quote me slappy

I was mucking about on the internet the other day, googling myself - not something I do very often, you understand - when I found to my surprise that I'd been quoted in a book called Skateboarding, Space and the City by one Iain Bourden. He's a Professor of Architecture and Skateboarding, donchaknow?

The quote is a sentence from a short story I had published in R.A.D. magazine waaaay back in 1990. Iain uses the excerpt to support a case for "a newly conscious recognition of the body". There's a nice clip of him on YouTube, cruising under the Westway and talking about how skateboarding connects you physically to the city. Not sure about the sexual bit though :-0

Here's the full text of my story, in case you're interested - clicky get biggy:

Ain't Google Books great? I think TLB paid me £50 for that story when it was published. I asked Iain for a copy, but he hasn't got any left. Gonna add it to my Amazon wishlist then.

All this makes me want to start skating again.

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