Monday, May 3, 2010

Twit gift rig lift

Feast yer peepers on this little beauty! Weep with jealousy at the news that I just won it! Then gasp in disbelief as I reveal that I'm not talking about the keyboard, but the smoking hot Cordinated Cable perched provocatively on top.


I am living in exciting times. Seriously, I fucking love this whole thing. I only started following Cordinated on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and was wondering how to break it to Debs that I was thinking of buying yet more bloody cables when they ran a "retweet this to win" competition... and the rest is history.

I love cables at the best of times, but this one's a real cracker. Hand made in Chicago by Juli and Dan - he solders 'em, she wraps 'em in yarn - and up for sale on the ever-excellent Etsy. Love the schtick, the look, the whole "supporting independent business" thing, and of course (ad-man wank alert!) love the effortless demonstration of the marketing power of social media.

I can already tell that this is going to be a spectacular addition to my Fender setup (American Sunburst Telecaster and tweed-covered Blues Deville 212 amp). In case you're interested, Effects Bay did a comparative review, and if you want to hear one in action, check out The Nick next time we play.


cecilia och magnus said...

Ben... what ever makes you happy. But a cable? I would have never guessed :-) Take care Cecilia Filipsson

Ben Blench said...

I love cables! I have dozens of em, all happy in their little boxes. My wife thinks I'm mental but she is MISTAKEN!

cecilia och magnus said...

Maybe mistaken but definitely very much IN LOOVE :-)

Hania Kornelia said...

love your blog!