Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Me and my sevens

I'm DJing again. 7" records only. 

Why? Because they're great! They're small, light and robust, and they fit nicely into my gay little man-bag.

Nothing quite beats the fun of flipping through boxes of old shite records in a charity shop, waiting for the odd gem to jump out and beg for reincarnation. Nostalgia and oldies abound. 

I'm also building up a library of good new stuff too, like that mclusky record and Glasvegas and that.

But what's all this about the new Pete and the Pirates single not being available on vinyl yet? I need that one! Get it together you broke-ass pressing plants.

The final fun thing about DJing is my glamorous assistant Debs, who helps me pick my records and snigger at the flirtatious groupies I can't help but attract, what with my astonishing looks and impeccable technique, etc.

If you're very lucky you might catch me at the Jet Lounge of a Friday evening.

Any requests? No, I haven't got "Wonderwall".

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