Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Intelligent Idiocy

Rather nicely done integrated campaign for Compare the Market, one of the 13000000 car insurance comparison sites currently vying for the attention of UK drivers. Difference is, this one has a bit of fun with it all.

The telly spot does a loopy Compare the Meerkat riff featuring "Russian" meerkat Alexsandr Orlov. (Do they even have meerkats in Russia? Who cares? Me, obviously - I checked - they don't).

And lo! There it is on the internet, complete with a functioning meerkat comparison system, all wrapped in LOLkat-style speaks. Nices.

Most impressively they've got a Twitter account with almost 2000 followers, and - almost unbelievably - someone is actually tweeting regularly, and responding to followers' tweets. In my long experience, this is the thing that clients can never be bothered to do for themselves, and are too tight to pay agencies to do for them. Well done, you lot.

Even more amazing: the Twitter stream isn't full of corporate promotional bollocks - in fact, our little furry friend refuses to discuss his paymasters because "it cause him great pain". Instead he prefers to post crudely photoshopped pictures of him stuck in a lift with Stephen Fry and bicker amicably with the general public. This sort of behaviour usually makes Marketing Managers twitch uncomfortably and mutter about USPs, monetization and driving sales. Bravo!

They've got Facebook too, but I can't be bothered with that nonsense.

My friends used to tell me I looked a bit like a meerkat. I don't talk to them any more.

I'm not joking.

[Peripherally interesting aside: The real Alexander Orlov turns out to have been an NKVD man who managed to survive Stalin's bloody purges and defect to the West. Coincidence? I think not...]

[Pedantry: No self-respecting Russian would call his site "comparethe..." anything, cos Russian doesn't have articles - "a" and "the". Isn't that fascinating?]

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