Monday, January 26, 2009

Samizdat - watizdat?

Here are a couple of things I've come across recently, one via Russell Davies and one via my pal Shy Bobby.

Shy's band Sora Shima has made a CD at CDBaby. Meanwhile, a mate of Russell's has done himself a great little work-in-progress book over at Lulu.

Both services promise professional quality at a reasonable price, and include various marketing options for you lucky capitalist artists. I can't yet personally vouch for either CDBaby or LuLu, but I like the cut of both their jibs.

When I first got into the internet, I got very excited about its samizdat potential. 16 years on, I'm still convinced that the way the web gives everyone the power to self-publish is rrrrrrrrrevolutionary! 

And now these two lovely companies have come up with these ace services which bring the idea full circle and open up real-life publishing to mere mortals too. No need for publishing houses, agents, A&R men, shitty contracts etc. 

This is fabulous stuff. I will do things! 

Amazingly, I've already started a cute little collaboration with Ms Isl*ndgirl. How about that?

P.S. Is anyone doing anything similar for vinyl? 7"s and LPs and the like?

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