Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our 5th Anniversary

This time last year we were knee-deep in floodwater in El Fuerte, Mexico. Annoyed that the Copper Canyon railway wasn't running. Disappointed that our romantic idea of a gentle trundle through stunning landscape while drinking champagne just wasn't going to happen. Also, slightly concerned about how the hell we were going to get out of Mexico to catch our flight out of LA in 4 days time.

I managed to nip off for 5 minutes midway through the morning to try and find some flowers for Debs, but it didn't happen. We did track down some "champagne", but later gave it away to the odd Amercian dude who rescued us and drove us back to Los Mochis, where we had to hang around for 3 days until our emergency flight to Tijuana.

This year's number 5. What to do? How to compete with last year's memorable fiasco? Rather than go out and spunk a fat wedge on a fancy meal and such, we chose to eat in. Good decision.

Aperitif: Prosecco and strawberries :-)

Starter: Bill Sewell's Aubergine with Truffle oil, Parmesan, and Rocket. So astonishingly luxurious it made Debs' eyes roll back in her head and her knife hand twitch with uncontrollable pleasure:

Main: Cranks' Easy Peasy Tasty Pasta: spaghetti with lemon, basil, garlic and parmesan. Delicious simplicity.

Dessert: Chocolate Pudding. From Marie Claire, would you believe? Lovely little cakey things with a fondant heart.

All stretched out over a relaxed 4 hours or so of nibbling, prep, cooking and eating together. It's so good to be back home, stuffing our faces with awesomeness.

Hey Debs, I love you! 

P.S. Also, the Karate Kid was on telly today. Perfect or what?

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