Thursday, September 4, 2008

Metal monsters meet jobless Bank Managers

I'm blogging this from Google's new Chrome browser. I like it! But I hate the way the address/search bar auto-detects that I'm in Amsterdam, assumes that I want my results in the native language, then drops me into, and gives me my results in Dutch. Dumb and wrong. Stop doing! 

Er... anyway. I've done about as much professional prep and setup and admin and registration as I can take now. The networking lunches and coffees are rolling along at a steady pace; I've even designed my invoices... Now I want to work, dammit!

So, to celebrate my continuing joblessness, here's the Zupfgeigenhansel with their Arbetlose-Marsch - a rousing track off the unremittingly stirring compilation LP Debout, debout! Chants du mouvement Européen des travailleurs, which I picked up for a song at the 2nd hand shop shortly after finalising the details on my business bank account.

Irony or paradox? Or neither?

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