Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's official

Silver Top Tortoise is now a registered business - wahey!

This morning I biked over to the Chamber of Commerce for a short and efficient sit down with one of their advisors. I don't know what I was expecting - not exactly leather seats and cigar smoke, but you know, it's called a "chamber" so I assumed it would be a bit trad and stuffy. Not a bit of it! It's all white and soft and open and colourful, with words like "entrepreneurship" on the walls in big sans serif fonts. Computers too!

All my forms were in order - not difficult when you're setting up as a sole trader / freelancer - and unsurprisingly, there were no other businesses already registered with my name. And yes, I've already nabbed the URL.

Also, I have a little logo dude, though I think I'll have someone who's a bit better at Photoshop than me do a neater silver effect on his shell.

So, after little more than half an hour I was out the door, with a registered company number and even a temporary tax code. Bingo - I'm ready to roll.

Now I am a modern businessman. All I need is some clients :-)

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